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Thank you so much Emma.


Emma coached me during a difficult time when I had very little worklife/homelife balance and the sessions were so valuable in addressing this. Emma's sessions always left me feeling calm and focused, she helped me assess my priorities and work out my strengths (which is not a natural way of thinking for me!)  she also helped me develop a timeline of activities which were manageable. Emma's sessions have helped me to investigate various options in regards to my future career which I would not have had the confidence to do without her.


Emma is incredibly easy to talk to and her manner is calm and reassuring, I can highly recommend her.

Anna, Head of Psychology,

As a Coach, I found Emma to be warm, supportive and endlessly insightful. Her method of walking, and talking, is a good example of her lightness of touch and depth in approach. She is hugely empathic, alongside being tremendously brave.

As a colleague, I found her kind-hearted, committed with excellent technical and non-technical skills. She has been frankly inspirational!


I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Sabih, Physician

I am currently working with Ember Coaching and we are halfway through the AN Coaching programme. I am already seeing some incredible benefits from this course which I am putting into practice in my workplace and with my teams. It is teaching me how to look at situations with a new perspective and giving me the confidence to try new ways of working that I had never considered before.

Positive results are already feeding through and I'm really looking forward to work through the second part of the programme!

g.D. Company CEO

(Analytic Network Coaching Programme)

I had life coaching sessions with Brenda earlier this year. Wow! What a life change that turned out to be! They were brilliant. With many wonderful ‘light bulb’ moments, Brenda steered me through the sessions in such a calm and positive manner, enabling me to really focus on where I wanted to be in my life and career and how to get there. 


Thanks to these sessions I am now well on my way to reach my career goals and achieve that life/work balance that we all want. I’m 58 so these coaching sessions are not just for those starting out in life and their career. They are for everyone.


I couldn’t recommend Brenda highly enough. 

Jo, Pilates Instructor and Wellbeing Retreats Coordinator

Brenda provided me with 4 coaching sessions at a time when my career had reached an impasse. It was also right in the middle of the Covid pandemic where many people were struggling to identify their future.

During this period there were several directions I could have taken and Brenda helped me to see the value of the direction I was favouring. She encouraged me and helped me to identify and confirm the reasons why I had chosen that specific route. Her style is relaxing, engaging and incredibly positive. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Brenda as a coach. 

Val, Mortgage AdvisoR   

I have had the pleasure of using Emma's life coaching skills for the past few months. She has worked with me to focus on forging a new career path suitable for my lifestyle and skills. I have always felt able to open up to Emma in a safe environment and never felt judged or advised to do something I felt uncomfortable with. I would strongly recommend Emma's services to future clients if you have reached a crossroads and are in need of helpful guidance. It was really great working outdoors with Emma - through walk and talk coaching I got to benefit not just from the natural environment but also from better understanding the link between the body and mind as we worked.

H.H. Office Manager

Initially having asked Brenda for coaching with a long-term career plan, during our first call - which coincided with the height of the first lockdown and me acquiring a new team at work - it became clear from that discussion that coaching for the short term immediate issues faced would be far more pertinent.  Here Brenda showed her strengths in asking the right questions, listening and understanding, and displayed professionalism in adapting her support from my original brief. She certainly helped me navigate and successfully work through what has been one of the most challenging periods of my career.


Thank you, Brenda!

Gail, Global Mobility and Employee Benefits Manager 

Emma brings a wealth of leadership and organisational experience to her work as a coach.  She is a deep listener and an excellent practitioner.  She is compassionate but challenging and is not afraid to go below the surface to examine underlying issues.


In any helping relationship you hope for a coach who will listen without judgement, calmly process your thoughts and challenges and help you to work these through and explore your next steps.  These and more are the qualities Brenda brings to coaching

Dr Susan Kahn: Director Coaching Psychology,

Birkbeck, University of London

Brenda’s coaching sessions for our teenage daughter were to help prepare for her next steps before 6th form college.  Brenda was extremely helpful in making her feel comfortable to talk to and now she feels much more confident in her A level choices. A very professional and warm friendly attitude made for a rewarding experience. I’d highly recommend Ember Coaching for anyone that needs guidance of any kind.

Ric - Parent of young adult coachee

I loved the coaching sessions, which were particularly helpful during lockdown because it allowed me to give some headspace to what I wanted to achieve for my business in 2021. It made me look beyond just trying to get through the lockdown (and home schooling!). As a coach, Emma is lovely and thoughtful, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Sarah - Fitness and Pilates Instructor

I was fortunate enough to have a half-day coaching immersion session with Emma last September.  

Emma is an inspirational and incredibly intuitive coach. I was feeling overwhelmed and ‘stuck’, but after just one session Emma helped me to step back and find some much needed clarity and perspective in my thoughts.  I now have a better understanding of ‘me’; what my strengths are, and most importantly what I like and don’t like! Emma structured the session very cleverly - it wasn’t about her listening and then advising/telling me what to do, but more about teaching me to understand myself better which has really helped me to feel more confident in my decision making. 
Thank you for creating a safe space where I was able to articulate my thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged. I would highly recommend Emma’s coaching sessions. 

Sally - CEO of Mango Wellbeing