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For a one-to-one personally tailored experience, where you can explore the changes you wish to make to your personal and/ or your professional life in a safe and confidential space. This coaching can be online or face-to-face, which includes Walk & Talk coaching. Our 'Walk & Talk' sessions take place in Nonsuch Park (Sutton) and Denbies Wine Estate (Dorking).

We currently are offering two online group coaching experiences. 


‘Returning to Work’ for those who have been out of the workplace for 10 weeks or 10 years, whether you are thinking of returning to work or have recently returned.


‘Supporting Young Adults’ is for parents of teenagers (age 14-19), who would like guidance on how best to support their Young Adults as they navigate the challenging transition to adulthood. 

This is where you can explore your own leadership potential and that of your team, and you can harness innovation and productivity in order to flourish in an organisational context. This coaching can also be online or face-to-face, individual or group.

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