​The main purpose behind our small online coaching groups is to enable people to feel connected. There are so many stages in life when we feel alone, or need extra support, and our friends/peers/colleagues may not understand what we are experiencing. At Ember we recognise the power of forming communities to support people through times of change. 


Our courses are designed around areas which have been highlighted as particularly challenging life stages, such as returning to work after maternity, parenting young adults, starting your own business, managing the menopause, and repatriating after a period of living and working abroad. Whilst those closest to you may provide much needed emotional support, no one will understand quite what you are going through except others in a similar life phase. 

Through our online group coaching, we bring you together with like-minded others, and support you through these times of change. Courses run over 6 week periods on weekday evenings, and contain a unique blend of wellbeing activities, inspiring talks, small group coaching work and downloadable resources to take away. 

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A 6 week course on Tuesday evenings from 21 February  - 28 March 2023 Inclusive

In partnership with

This course is to support mums through the transition of returning to the workplace, and to create a community of women who are experiencing similar things. Whether you've been out of the workplace for 10 weeks or 10 years, whether you're thinking of returning or have recently returned, this course is for you.


in partnership with Mango Wellbeing, this offers 5  x unique 2 hour sessions incorporating mindfulness, connection, coaching, breathwork and nutrition advice to ensure you are at your most resilient going through this phase. 

This course is for you if you are questioning: Is it just me who feels like this? What is my role at work and at home? Who am I - mother/leader/wife/colleague/friend..? How do I cope with the rollercoaster? What is good enough?

Perhaps you feel that the people you know aren't experiencing what you are, or are at different stages. Perhaps your heart simply hurts with the conflicting feelings you have towards your job, family and all areas of your life. 

This course builds empowerment, confidence, resilience and most importantly self-compassion, with the formation of a close community of support, with people who understand.