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  • Resolution of tensions and conflicts which may exist within your teams.

  • Clarity of company direction and strategy.

  • Support in nurturing your next cohort of leaders and energising your current leaders to inspire leadership in others.

  • To harness the talent, innovation and productivity that is latent within your organisation.

  • To understand your business on a truly systemic level.

  • To know what is required to flourish in today’s highly networked and adaptive society.


Our decades of experience in high-pressure environments provide invaluable insights into organisational culture and leadership dynamics. We are trained in advanced leadership Analytic-Network Coaching, we can support your organisation in a variety of ways. 


  • As assessment of the health of your organisation including leadership profiling through the Analytic-Network Coaching System

  • Intensive 1-1 Coaching with leaders throughout the organisation to support ‘new leaders for new times’, who can influence rather than control.

  • Group coaching sessions covering depth analysis, relational analysis and insights into leadership dynamics.

  • Organisational Design interventions to influence culture and implement strategic change.

  • Development of leaders with a networked mindset, incorporating understanding of the wider ecosystem and how that impacts your organisation.

  • Strategies for your organisation to perform successfully in an adaptable, ethical and innovative way that keeps pace with the dynamism of today’s society


We create the confidential space for this work to be conducted, whereby coachees feel truly listened to and understood, and where reflections can be made openly and without judgment to ensure the best support for the individuals and the organisation as a whole.

HOW does it work? 

  • After an initial free 30-minute phone or online consultation, we will arrange a deep dive follow up session to agree exact requirements and co-create the ideal package with you.

  • We shall construct a tailor-made coaching programme according to the numbers of people involved. 

  • We offer individual and group sessions (usually one hour per session), but some organisations prefer immersive half or full days.

  • We work face-to-face or online.

  • We are also keen advocates of ‘walk-and-talk’ sessions for individuals who prefer to enjoy the unique benefits of working in nature.


Our pricing will be agreed according to your tailor-made programme.  Please contact us for further information.