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We are a partnership with a difference. We are leaders, qualified and accredited coaches, business partners with decades of experience, and sisters. We are certified in Coaching Psychology and accredited members of the Association for Coaching, but we are more than that. Our partnership is predicated on trust, empowerment, empathy, authenticity and learning; this is the ethos we bring to our work. We embody the way that we coach, we have weathered change and we have walked in your shoes.


We offer coaching in person, online and also ‘walk and talk’ coaching in the beautiful Surrey Hills and surrounding areas. Coaching outdoors can bring so many benefits and insights drawn from the natural environment and the freedom of the landscape. It is a truly transformational experience, please enquire to learn more.

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Coaching is all about you.
Your time is now.
Be brave, be more.


Brenda Mc Donald – Director

After 20 years in education, on paper I had it all: a promotion to Senior Management, a challenging job, a good salary and excellent career prospects. But I wasn't happy and I didn't know why. Instead of looking forward to a bright future, I was feeling frustrated and listless. My work-life balance was terrible, and I started daydreaming about retirement. I was surrounded by enthusiastic, ambitious peers, who still had fire in their bellies. When had my inner fire been replaced by ennui? For a while, I did nothing, paralysed by the fear of such a huge decision and the possible implications. How could I start again? What else could I do after so long in one profession?

Having a senior role in education, I had lots of experience managing people in high-pressure environments. I frequently found that distressed, vulnerable people just want to be heard. I would often advise them to learn to adapt, embrace change and be brave enough to 'jump off the pier'. Realising that it was time to take my own advice, I undertook a Coaching Psychology qualification at Birkbeck university, and it changed my life. In hindsight, I can see that job security and familiarity with my profession were holding me back. I was validating my existence by knowing I was very good at my job, long past the point where it was giving me any real satisfaction. It took a number of family bereavements in a short period, a restructuring at work and a global pandemic to spur me into action! I am still learning to be kind to myself and to give value and time to different areas of my life.

My own path through education was not a conventional one. Failing my A levels first time around and attending university as a mature student showed me that there is a right time and place for everything. I now help clients learn to welcome change, cope with failure and acquire resilience; all are essential for any worthwhile transformation.


Recent times have revealed so many hidden depths in all of us as we have navigated our way through unprecedented upheaval socially, professionally and emotionally. The key is having someone to listen and talk to, without judgement or agenda, when you take those first steps. Now is the time to realise that potential and explore those dreams. Be brave, be more.


Qualifications: BA/MA Classics (University of London); BA Humanities with Literature (OU); PG Certificate in Coaching Psychology (Birkbeck); certified Analytic Network Coach (ANC).


Memberships: Association for Coaching; Eco-Leadership Institute; British Psychological Society Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology.

Interests: Pilates, bridge, vegetarian cookery, volunteering at local cat rescue.

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Emma Simpson – Director

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself over the years, it’s how to navigate change. Change is inevitable, and whether we resist or embrace it, we cannot stop it.


Throughout my career in aviation and innovation, I have experienced the transformation from a fairly static environment, to one which changed unrecognisably through a series of forced events (terrorism and climate), and more recently due to the embracing of new and exciting opportunities. The professional culture changed from one where mistakes were associated with ‘blame’ to one where errors were seen as critical for learning. After events such as 9/11, the 2010 volcanic ash cloud, and of course the 2020 pandemic, the narrative changed from ‘it will never happen to us’, to ‘what’s going to happen next?’. Change and uncertainty have become part of the way we exist.


Alongside this, technologies have evolved in the most extraordinary ways. My career changed from  controlling ‘conventional’ aircraft to exploring artificial intelligence and working with organisations wanting to launch flying taxis. The ways we in which we interact in the world, watch TV, communicate with each other, work and live are constantly evolving at such a rapid pace. Whilst this is exciting, it can also be extremely unnerving!


This evolution has been mirrored in my personal life, where having experienced some chronic health problems, some change was 'forced’ on me, but mostly it has been a result of my realising where my purpose lies, and discovering what brings me meaning, creativity, contentment and joy. I discovered the route to my own wellbeing through writing and swimming in open water. Much as I loved aviation, I found that my heart lies in helping others. I realised that so much of what I have experienced in that career translates to being able to help others navigate change. As a former air traffic controller, navigating is in my blood after all!!

All my experience and learning has enabled me to make my own transition and now, as a life coach and a writer, I have the privilege of exploring my affinity for holding people’s stories, for listening and understanding, helping you to find your way through, and acting as a ‘critical friend’. I bring authenticity to my work, allowing you to explore your thoughts, connections and emotion in a truly safe space. I look forward to helping find your way to a better future. 

Qualifications: BSc Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research; MSc (Distinction) Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (University of Leicester); PG Certificate in Coaching Psychology (Birkbeck). 


Memberships: Association for Coaching; Guildford Coaches Group; The London Coaching Group; British Psychological Society Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology; Institute of Eco-Leadership. 


Interests: Open water swimming, writing, running, travel, learning, global cultures.

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