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At Ember Coaching we offer transformational life coaching, specialising in supporting individuals to navigate through times of change. Whether you’re thinking of embarking on a new venture in your personal life, changing your career or your role; returning to the workplace after a break; or perhaps considering a more dramatic lifestyle change, we provide individually tailored coaching to guide you through. Times of great upheaval also present opportunities for reflection and increased self-awareness. Maybe change has been forced upon you, or perhaps you have sought out a new and exciting opportunity; either way transformational life coaching can equip you to navigate the highs and lows of a transition, and support you in rewriting your future.  


Your wellbeing and contentment lies at the heart of our coaching practice. With decades of experience in manging uncertainty and change, we understand the myriad challenges that you face. Life coaching with Ember Coaching doesn’t just focus on the immediate issues but takes into account wider holistic factors that influence your work and personal contexts. We support individuals and groups through stages of life transition by providing life coaching outdoors in the Surrey Hills and surrounding areas, as well as face to face in our dedicated coaching space. We also offer the same quality transformational coaching online in the comfort and security of your own home.


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Consider these questions:

  • Is your life heading in the right direction?

  • How can you flourish within an ever-changing context?

  • Have you reached a crossroads in your career or personal life?

  • How does the next 5 years look for you? 

  • Do you understand what is holding you back?

  • What would help you maximise wellbeing in your work and home life?

  • Would you like to creatively explore your skills, talents and purpose?

  • Are you currently the best version of yourself?

and then reflect upon:


  • How can life coaching help you navigate the change? 

Life coaching will encourage you to reflect upon your life and career choices in a safe and confidential space. You will take time out of your busy week to pause, focus on yourself and be heard.  Whether as an individual or part of a like-minded group, the decision to step back and reframe your present from a different perspective will help you unlock your future and enable you to discover your true purpose. At Ember Coaching we support you in exploring your choices with kindness and empathy, putting wellbeing at the heart of your journey.


This is your chance to:


  • Be more authentic to yourself

  • Be more in tune with your environment

  • Be more effective in your workplace

  • Be more brave with your choices

  • Be more curious with your questions

  • Be more creative with your thoughts

  • Be more free

  • Be more…


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